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This site is dedicated to baseball great, Rocky Colavito. 
Forty-two years after his retirement from Major League Baseball, Rocky remains a fan favorite, even to some too young to have ever seen him play. 

Not many players, past or present, invoke the memories and positive feelings Rocky's name continues to spark.  As though it was yesterday, details of Rocky's accomplishments are embedded in the memory of his fans.  Rocky's name continues to pop up on sports pages, particularly as a vehicle  of comparison in today's baseball highlights.   

Many avid baseball fans assume that Rocky is already in the Hall of Fame and are shocked when they learn that this is not the case.

For years,
a group of us have watched the Hall of Fame lists come out and for years, we've done little but moan, groan, complain, and cry because our favorite player, Rocky Colavito, was bypassed.

On September 16, 2008, when that preliminary list was released,  Rocky once again didn't make the cut.  A few of us emailed our displeasure to the Veteran's Committee of the Hall of Fame.  We all received polite responses indicating he would again be eligible for consideration in 2010.

We are dedicated to doing whatever is possible to make baseball fans, and especially Rocky fans, aware that Rocky will be eligible for consideration again in 2010 for induction in 2011.  A strong and united fan campaign may be just what is needed to convince the Veteran's Committee that Rocky deserves their serious consideration.  

Another purpose of this site is for fans to gather, share stories, and review the convincing facts and figures that prompt this campaign.  Rocky was, and still is, an example of more than hits, homeruns, and RBI's.  He has always shown appreciation to his fans and been loyal to his family, friends, and himself.  A true testimony to this man is the respect and admiration his values and example continue to invoke. 

Please add your signature to the Petition.  Maybe, just maybe, we can get the Committee's favorable attention and Rocky Colavito will be inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2011. 

Mostly though ... come in, spend some time, and have fun! 
After all, isn't that what baseball is about?

Please sign the Petition and pass it on to baseball fans everywhere:
(Editor's note: There is no donation requirement to sign the Petition.  The (free) Petition site defaults to a 'request for contribution' page after a signature is tallied.  To bypass this page, click the back arrow on your browser to return to the Petition page.  You can then click on the tab that brings up the form to send to friends in support of the Petition.)

Where is he now?

On April 16, 2010, Terry Pluto, Cleveland Plain Dealer reporter, recalled the trade that rocked Cleveland and much of the baseball world:  "50 years later, the Cleveland Indians' trade of Rocky Colavito still stinks..."

April 17, 2010 marked 50 years since "The Trade."  Detroit reporter, Bill Dow, interviewed Rocky by phone.  This interview appeared in Bill's story in the April 18, 2010 print edition of the Detroit Free Press ... "Catching up with Tigers great Rocky Colavito"


John Schneider, Lansing State Journal ( recalled how the trade affected him and his dad in this nostalgic April 25, 2010 article, "Decried Tigers Trade was Home Run, History Shows". 

On May 3, 2010, John followed up that article with comments he received from readers:  "Tigers' 1960 trade a home run with readers, too".


In his 
Sunday, May 2, 2010 column, Terry Pluto made mention of this website and gave Rocky fans a 'heads up' on our campaign.   

He wrote: 
About Rocky Colavito ...
Dan Miller emailed to say Rocky Colavito fans may be interested in this:

"There is a Web site ( dedicated to Rocky.

"It has launched an effort to get Rocky into the Hall of Fame through the Veteran's Committee. Included in the statistics is a chart of what we think is the ultimate comparison: OPS -- on-base percentage plus slugging average.
"Rocky falls dead in the middle at 17 of a list of 36 Hall of Fame members that were his contemporaries. Unbelievably, Rocky finished ahead of Reggie Jackson, Carl Yastrzemski and Roberto Clemente. There is a petition included on the Web site and listed along the left side of the home page."

Thanks, Terry ... your column has already generated some new signatures on the Petition!


"... Arguably one of the greatest players of his era, he performed deeds that thrilled a generation of American League fans, including a game where he hit four home runs that cemented his reputation as one of the game’s top sluggers...." from the May 7, 2010 feature story of Sports Collectors Digest by Editor, Thomas O'Connell. 
A summary of that story,
Hobby Royalty Remembers  Rocky Colavito appears online.


Synchronicity?    Coincidence?

However differently the causality is interpreted, the name of Rocky Colavito continues to be mentioned in the news, on the web, at backyard barbeques ... you name it.
In his column,
"Since your brought it up: Rocky Colavito"  sports writer, Ron Kaplan, reflects:  "......Given the current state of affairs re: HoF candidates, in which contemporary players such as McGuire, Sosa, Palmiero, Clemens, et al are under a cloud of suspicion, is it time to reconsider some of those older players who just missed the cut?..."
  (Ron Kaplan's Baseball Bookshelf


Strike Zone a Factor?

In his book, “
Banned in the Bronx”, author Gene Hutmaker makes this astute observation as to one possible reason Rocky is not in Cooperstown:

“As 1968 was in the book, something had to be done about the pitching dominance of the game.  In 1969, the strike zone was reduced to its pre-1963 dimensions and the height of the mound would be lowered.

This enlarged K-zone era 1963 - 1968 adversely affected the career stats of Famers Say Hey, the Hammer, Mick, Brooks and Frank Robinson, Kaline, Clemente, Yaz, Cepeda, Brock, McCovey, Banks, Killebrew, Billy Williams, etc. (and Rose). 
Also quality hitters such as Vada Pinson, Ron Santo, Ken Boyer, Dick Allen, Boog Powell, Curt Flood, Frank Howard, Tony Oliva and Rocky Colavito had their stats suffer somewhat because of playing during the era of the bigger strike zone.

This also decreased these players’ chances for a plaque in Cooperstown."



New on Facebook
:  "Rocky Colavito deserves to be in the Hall of Fame".  Join this Group and help get the word out on the Petition and campaign.

Coming soon:  How to contact the members of Veterans Committee of the Hall of Fame by mail to personally appeal for Rocky's recognition on the 2010 ballot.   
In late July and early August, we intend to write individual letters to the 68 members of the HOF Veterans Committee.  The Communications Department of the HOF will assist by forwarding our letters to the members of the Veterans Committee.

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