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In further support of our position, the compelling facts that appear in our Petition to the Hall of Fame Veteran's Committee are elaborated upon below:

Probably the most telling statistic is Rocky's career OPS (on-base percentage + slugging average).  Below, Rocky's OPS is compared with the OPS of players already in the Hall of Fame whose careers overlapped with Colavito's and with the 2008 HOF nominees:

Hall of Fame Members


2008 HOF Nominees


Ted Williams


Dick Allen      


Mickey Mantle


Rocky Colavito


Stan Musial


Gil Hodges


Willie Mays               


Tony Oliva


Hank Aaron


Ron Santo


Frank Robinson


Joe Torre


Duke Snider


Al Oliver


Willie McCovey        


Vada Pinson   


Willie Stargell


Maury Wills


Eddie Mathews


Harmon Killebrew


Jackie Robinson


Roy Campanella


Al Kaline


Billy Williams


Orlando Cepeda


Rocky Colavito


Reggie Jackson


Carl Yastrzemski


Roberto Clemente


Enos Slaughter


Ernie Banks


Yogi Berra                 


Rod Carew


Joe Morgan


Johnny Bench


Tony Perez     


Richie Ashburn


Lou Brock


Pee Wee Reese


Red Schoendienst


Brooks Robinson


Nellie Fox


Phil Rizzuto


Bill Mazeroski


Luis Aparicio


As stated on the Petition, Colavito ranks 17th when added to the list of 35 already Hall members of his era.  He ranks ahead of Reggie Jackson, Carl Yastrzemski and Roberto Clemente.  Rocky ranks 2nd when applied to the list of 2008 candidates.

Longevity has been cited, but let’s take a look at a valid short-career Hall member comparison with Ralph Kiner.  Kiner played 10 years; a little less than Colavito.  But, taking Colavito’s first couple and last couple of years away, we compare Colavito’s ten consecutive year run with Kiner’s ten consecutive year run.  Colavito’s numbers are right there with Kiner's; perhaps better:

Player                                    Hits        2b           HR           RBI             Slugging Average

Ralph Kiner (1946-55)          1,451       216          369          1,015                   .548

Rocky Colavito (1957-66)     1,506       252          337          1,020                   .501

Wikipedia reports that Kiner sustained a back injury in 1955 that forced his retirement from baseball.  Kiner had played somewhat injury-free up until then as did Colavito up until 1966.  We believe these facts support the validity of these comparisons.

Facts and figures from: Baseball-Reference ( and can also be found at The Baseball Library ( and the Baseball Almanac (

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